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Gotham Font Bundle

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Gotham is a sans serif font with geometric proportions, optimized for readability at small scales. Available in multiple weights, it is equally ideal for bold headlines or detailed technical information.

The font should be used for large run, external communications such as advertising, brochures and event posters. It is not essential to use Gotham for the content in everyday communications such as memos or letters. You may use alternative fonts such as Arial, Helvetica or Cambria for these purposes.

This Gotham font bundle is available only for purchase by UCF departments.  Departments wishing to purchase the Gotham font should complete the following steps:

  • Complete, sign and scan the employee EULA acknowledgement (found here). This is required by UCF General Counsel.
  • Fill out an order requisition form (found here) using part # 61520. The price per device is $11.89.
  • Attach the EULA document to the TPC requisition.
  • TPC will provide you with a link to download the font kit and a license certificate after your order has been successfully processed.

Gotham Font Bundle is Non-Transferable

If you need any help placing your order please contact us at or 407-823-5603

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How to purchase:

UCF Institutional Purchases: Please visit our UCF Departments Information page  to submit institutional orders by using the Service Now order form link.

Personal Purchases:  n/a

Payroll Deductions:  n/a