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Veterans Affairs and TPC Partnership

First and foremost, Thank you for your Service to the country. The TPC along with UCF VARC work with Veterans Affairs and Vocational Rehablitation to help ensure our Veteran Students have everything they need to exile at UCF and beyond.


A Veteran Affairs or Vocational Rehabilitation counselor will reach out to the TPC for a quote for either a computer bundle or other needed technology items. TPC computer bundles are tailored to your requirements of your educational program.

After the quote is approved by the counselor, authorization will be sent through Tungsten by VA to TPC and the items will be special ordered or pulled from our inventory (if available).

When items are ready for pick up you will be notified by the TPC. If your items are being shipped to you, we will contact you with shipment information when the packages have been sent.

Computer bundles comes with a computer selected based on your major and the recommendation from the College. 

All bundles come with a computer*, extended warranty that covers hardware and accidental damages, peripherals and requested software*

You are also able to get any technology items that is needed for the semester that is approved by your counselor.

Items include:

  • Ink Cartridges
  • Peripherals
  • Printer Paper
  • Adapters

No. As this is being purchased through the VA and Voc Rehab, only the items that were approved on the requested quote and submitted into Tungsten from a counselor before any item is ordered or pulled for pick up.

We are also no longer accepting any 1905 forms as the process has transitioned to using Tungsten.

We are able to ship the items to you. Let your counselor know that you need the Bundle or Items shipped directly to you.

We will send you tracking for when the items are shipped so you are able to monitor its status and make any arrangements.

Bring it by the Student Support Desk in the Tech Commons for service!  If the issue is covered by the warranty, we’ll fix it.  No cost.  Note that viruses, malware, and intentional damage aren’t things that computer warranties cover… safe surfing! 

If you are not able to come to campus, you may also be able to receive direct warranty support by contacting the warranty provider (e.g., Dell, Apple, or Safeware).

As we work with what is recommended by the selected major, inform the counselor what computer you would like and we will verify if it will work for your classes and Major.

Computers needed for extracurricular activities not associated with classes or your major will be denied and not considered.*

For in stock items it will be available next day after authorization has been submitted to Tungsten.

Special order items typically take two weeks to arrive, however depending on availability in the marketplace at time of order, this may take longer.

No! The bundle and items are paid for through Veterans Affairs or Vocational Rehabilitation.

Note that you are unable to purchase additional items or upgraded computers on your order and cover the difference with your personal funds due to tax laws.

To get started please contact the TPC (

The TPC will notifies the Student when Items or Bundles are ready for pick up or the items have shipped. Statements by the counselor about availability of items and shipments should be verified with TPC.

  • Computers are based on Major. Either an Apple or Dell laptop will be selected.
  • Software is based on availability. Not all software titles can be fulfilled by TPC.
  • Example of this is if your major is in Accounting and you request a Laptop that is for video productions.
  • Delivery times for special order or custom configurations can take up to 6 weeks or longer depending on the manufacturer, shipping, and availability.