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UCF Dropbox Advanced Annual License

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Dropbox offers one central hub for online file storage, file sharing, and syncing. Whether you’re at work or on the road, your files are synced across your devices and accessible in real time. Access your Dropbox account with desktop apps on Windows and Mac, our mobile app for iOS or Android devices, and on the web through your browser.

Keep projects moving forward with your team in sync and connected to the tools you use every day—including Slack and Zoom—without ever leaving Dropbox.

At home, in the office, or on the go, Dropbox keeps your personal and business files safe, and gives you the tools you need to protect the work you share.

  • 5 TB+ of Storage
  • GDR Compliance
  • Enables Two-Factor Authentication
  • Enables HIPAA Compliance
  • Dropbox Transfer 100GB

Further information can be viewed in this matrix.

Annual renewal is required to maintain an account.  Note:  OIDs are not eligible to be licensed with this product.

If you need any help placing your order please contact us at or 407-823-5603

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Note:  OIDs are not eligible for licensing this product.

The UCF Technology Product Center is a store only for UCF students, staff, faculty, and institutional purchases. Some products we sell are licensed or discounted specifically for the UCF community. These products (including student software, Apple computers, etc.) require proof of eligibility. A UCF ID Card or other identification can be provided at time of purchase in the UCF Technology Product Center. Affiliate sites may require accounts to be created using a valid UCF email address.

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UCF Institutional Purchases: Please visit our UCF Departments Information page  to submit institutional orders by using the Service Now order form link.

Personal Purchases:  n/a

Payroll Deductions:  n/a