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  1. After you have received your Tech Fee award, contact the TPC to make sure all your quotes are valid and up to date. Due to the time elapsed from original quotation of a tech fee proposal to award time, quotes may expire, products may be discontinued, or terms may have changed.  TPC will provide you with new quotations you can use to place your order.
  2. While the COVID-19 Pandemic purchase freeze is in effect, if your order is over $10,000, please secure a completed, signed, and approved Purchase Freeze Exception Form.
  3. If your order is $20,000 or over, please submit the IRR form and wait for approval prior to filling out the TPC order form.
  4. Submit your TPC order using our Service Now Order Form found at  Alternatively, visit the TPC website for a direct link to this form and other useful information at
    1. Please follow the tips below for quicker processing of your order:
      • Please attach all quotes pertaining to order
      • Please separate each line item from your quote(s) on your TPC order form
      • The Tech Fee Award Department Account number is 09010100
      • For this department account, select Olga Arce as the authorizer
      • Please list your IT personnel in the Additional Contacts section.  This will allow IT personnel to keep track of order status and prepare for receiving and configuring devices.
      • Include your Tech Fee award number (for example “TF 2021-108”) in the text box labeled “Please provide any comments or notes you wish to appear on invoices, confirmation, order status pages, etc.”
      • For orders over $10k, please attach your signed and approved Purchase Freeze Exception Form
      • For orders over $20k, also include the request (or “RITM”) number of your approved IRR in the Notes text box. 
      • For orders over $75k also select the VP or signature authority for Tech Fee, Michael Sink.
  5. Make sure to be on the lookout for your TPC order reference (or RITM) number.  Use this number for follow-up questions on your order.  As the order processing progresses, you will receive updates to your UCF email address.  Note that this will be different from your IRR RITM #.
  6. For order status updates please visit your Service Now portal at,  the TPC order status page at or contact us at TPC@UCF.EDU

Need help placing your order?  Contact us at or 407-823-5603