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UCF Adobe ETLA Licensing FAQ:  2020 – 21 Contract Cycle

What changed in 2020?  Notable changes include :

  • A return to specific pricing for Acrobat and Creative Cloud due to popular demand
  • Participants will be required to provide a user list along with their renewal this year
  • Adding and removing users will be handled by TPC staff only
  • Shared Device Licenses launched last year and allowed for licensing at the device, rather than per user. Device counts will be factored into the renewal quantities. 

What should I do to renew or buy licenses?

  • Send in renewal orders before the due date to avoid a lapse in service
  • Enter all users to be entitled on the “User Template” provided by the TPC
  • Submit orders, with User Template, through the UCF TPC ServiceNow Order Form

When are renewal orders due to TPC?  May 15th, 2020

What is the contract year for Adobe?  May 15th – May 14th.

How much for Acrobat for the contract year? $25.00 for Acrobat per user or device.

How much for Creative Cloud for the contract year?  $200 for Creative Cloud per user or device.

What part numbers do I use to order? 

Acrobat User License                      ACROBAT20-21USER

Acrobat Shared Device License   ACROBAT20-21DEVICE

Creative Cloud User License        CCLOUD20-21USER

Creative Cloud Shared Device License     CCLOUD20-21DEVICE

Who and what can we license?  Faculty and staff only with Adobe User licenses or UCF-owned devices with Adobe Shared Device Licensing.  Adobe User Licenses are appropriate for most faculty and staff.  One license per user.  Shared Device Licenses are appropriate where many users may access a single device such as labs, shared workstations, kiosks, etc. Please contact the TPC if you have any specific scenarios you would like to discuss to ensure the appropriate licensing types.

How do we count licenses?  Simple headcount for Adobe User Licenses + number of devices using an Adobe Shared Device License.  For example, a department that has 15 part-time OPS, 25 full-time staff, 10 faculty, and a lab with 100 devices would purchase 150 licenses in total.  Each unique user may only be assigned one license in total.

What about students?  UCF Students do not require a license; however, all labs and shared devices providing Adobe software to students must be licensed with an Adobe Shared Device License

What about student-employees?  Departments may purchase licenses for student-employees if licensing the user with an Adobe User License.  Student-employees may otherwise access Adobe software on Shared Device License computers freely.

What about former employees?  Former employees are not eligible for a license.

What about contractors and other personnel performing work for the benefit of UCF that have sponsored accounts?  Departments may purchase licenses for these individuals if they meet the technical requirements below.  Otherwise, these individuals could use a workstation licensed with Shared Device Licensing.

Are there technical requirements for using a UCF Federated Identity (for single-sign-on) with Adobe?  Yes, users must have an enterprise email associated with their identity in Active Directory in order to be able to and an employee ID.How do we manage accounts?  All users not submitted via the user template during the license renewal period will lose access.  An order must accompany new licenses assigned mid-year to TPC for purchasing the software along with the Adobe User Template.  Mid-year license purchases will not be prorated. Unused or vacant licenses may be reassigned upon request to TPC.  Extra licenses may be purchased at renewal time to accommodate growth during the year. 

Can I buy more than one license for an employee?  No.  The Adobe user license is tied to a user’s identity and will not allow more than one license to be assigned to a unique identity. Note that user-licensed users may have Adobe software on two devices simultaneously.

What about Adobe Cloud-Based Services?  Adobe Cloud services and features are turned off by default.  Adobe Cloud is not a UCF-sanctioned cloud storage location.  To request cloud access, users must fill out the Service Now risk acknowledgment form found here [Include Link]

On how many machines can I install Adobe software?  Adobe User Licensed users may have Adobe software on two devices simultaneously.  The software can be installed on additional devices; however, the previously licensed devices will need to be deactivated.  Adobe Shared Device Licenses are one license to one device. 

Are there home use rights?  Yes. Employees may install this software on their personal devices if they are licensed. An activation is consumed for the user account, whether activated at home or in the office. So if an employee activates their UCF provided license on two personal devices, they will noe be able to activate it on a work device unless one personal device is disabled.   UCF IT does not support  Adobe software on employee personal devices.How does the shared device license work?  A device, not a user, consumes adobe Share Device Licenses.  Users that access Adobe on the device licensed this way will inherit the device’s entitlement while they are using it.

How do students get an account to access Adobe Shared Device License computers in labs?  Students (and UCFguests) may create an Adobe account for free or connect their Google, Facebook, or Apple IDs to Adobe.  Once they have an Adobe account created, they will be able to use a computer licensed with Shared Device Licensing.

Where do we get help with the product?  If you experience issues with the Adobe product or Adobe user account, submit a ticket to the UCF IT Support Center.  UCF IT staff may escalate the issue to Adobe support on your behalf.

Can I download the User License template?  Yes, you can download it here.

I don’t see an answer for my question in the FAQ, what should I do? For additional Adobe licensing questions, please reach out to the TPC at at or 407-823-5603.  Additional FAQ will be added here as questions arise.