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Summer is here, and so is our garage sale! To make room for new products, select items will be discounted up to 95% off.

The TPC Sale is for In-Stock and In-Store purchases only. All Items are on a first-come basis, and the TPC is unable to hold items. Due to limited staffing, we are unable to facilitate phone and web portal payments.

We cannot update item quantities in real-time, and the amount shown is available at the start of the day.

List of Items on Sale

Dell Media Micro Desktop$780.00$180.00$600.001
Refurbished iMac$349.00$50299.996
Refurbished Dell All in One$299.99$50$249.9913
TI-84 Plus$99.99$50$49.992
250GB HDD 2.5″$25.00$24.00$13
Five Star 1 Subject Notebook$5.99$3$2.9938
Five Star 3 Subject Notebook$7.99$4$3.993
Five Star 5 Subject Notebook$9.99$5$4.9912
iPhone 5 – 7+ Phone Cases$-$-$1A lot
Samsung Galaxy 5 – 7 Cases$-$-$1A lot
Item Was Savings Now Quantity
Fitbit Charging Cable HR $5.00  $ 4.75  $ 0.25 3
Fitbit Charging Cable Blaze $5.00  $ 4.75  $ 0.25 3
Fitbit Charging Cable $5.00  $ 4.75  $ 0.25 1
Griffin Armband iPhone 5 $5.00  $ 4.75  $ 0.25 3
Scotch Magic Greener Tape .75$2.95$2.66$0.302
Smart Keyboard – 12.9 iPad Pro$149.00$134.10$14.902
Koss CS100 Headset$20.00$18.00$2.0010
Smart Keyboard for 10.5-inch$159.00$127.20$31.801
Apple 30-Pin Digital AV Adapter$15.00$12.00$3.0010
Texas Instruments BA II Calc$32.95$26.36$6.596
UCF Knight Pop Sockets$9.99$7.99$2.009
Pokeball Pop Sockets$14.99$11.99$3.0013
Pop Sockets Vista$9.99$7.99$2.003
Spider-Man PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.005
Death Star PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.007
Batman PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.006
Superman PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.006
Autobots PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.006
Gryffindor PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.006
Flash PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.006
Green Lantern PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.006
Black Panther PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.005
Pink Donut PopSocket$9.99$7.99$2.009
Pop Sockets Black$9.99$7.99$2.007
Wonder Woman PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.005
Decepticon PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.005
Ravenclaw PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.005
Rebel PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.005
Infinity Gauntlet PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.005
Avengers PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.005
Arabesque PopSocket$9.99$7.99$2.005
Hufflepuff PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.004
Tiffany Peace PopSocket$9.99$7.99$2.004
Pop Sockets Radiant$9.99$7.99$2.006
Pop Sockets Gamer$9.99$7.99$2.005
Captain America PopSocket$14.99$11.99$3.003
Hibiscus PopSocket$9.99$7.99$2.002
EVAP Wet Electronic Recue Kit$16.95$10.17$6.784
Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 White$35.99$21.59$14.4017
Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Blue$35.99$21.59$14.4012
Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Red$35.99$21.59$14.407
LG Ext Ultra Slim DVDRW Black$39.99$23.99$16.005
Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Black$35.99$21.59$14.402
Moshi Symbus Compact$79.99$47.99$32.001
Targus Strata II$29.99$17.99$12.001
Macally Keyboard & Mouse$29.99$17.99$12.001
13 Speck MacBook Pro Touch”$39.99$23.99$16.002
Mythro C USB-C Earbuds$39.99$23.99$16.001
MBP 13 Touch Clear”$39.99$23.99$16.001
Beats Studio3 Midnight Black$349.95$174.98$174.972
Beats Studio3 Black$349.95$174.98$174.971
Beats Studio3 Shadow Gray$349.95$174.98$174.971
Beats Studio3 Decades Collection$349.95$174.98$174.971
Apple 5w USB Power Adapter$19.00$9.50$9.5015
Moshi IonBank 3K$49.99$25.00$24.993
Moshi IonBank$49.99$25.00$24.993
Belkin USB-C Hub$34.99$14.00$20.993
Skullcandy Wireless Jib Blue$24.99$10.00$14.9920
Skullcandy Wireless Jib Purple$24.99$10.00$14.9919
Skullcandy Wireless Jib Black$24.99$10.00$14.9914
Apple USB SuperDrive$79.00$23.70$55.304
Smart Keyboard for 11-inch iPad Pro$179.00$53.70$125.302
Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Mouse$56.55$16.97$39.591
Super Sonic Flash Light$22.99$6.90$16.097
Dell Adapter USB-C to DP$34.99$8.75$26.244
Kaito KA404 LED Flashlight wit$19.99$6.00$13.993